Customized small business solutions to increase marketing effectiveness and competitive advantage.

To enable growth, we help our clients understand and then focus on their key business indicators. By improving their focus, our clients are able to challenge competitively in their target markets.   We model and diagnose high value clients, low value processes, and bottlenecks to achieving maximum revenue and profitability.

Our goal is to evaluate what outcomes are most meaningful to YOU, develop a plan CUSTOMIZED to your business, then deliver exceptional quality, visual impact and superior insights so you not only SEE you’re getting the best, you can also MEASURE how it’s working.

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The FCG Group provides a variety of essential business services:

Management consulting

From customer analysis, market studies, and workforce assessments; to solving profitability and growth challenges, the FCG Group provides a wide range of business management consulting services. 

Strategic Planning

Too many small to medium sized businesses do not develop strategic plans. Many owners may not admit they either do not understand or know how to begin the process to develop a plan and more importantly, use it to help identify their short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals, and focus on what they need to do to achieve them.

Our approach begins with listening, helping you to communicate and identify your goals.  Then we'll develop a documented plan that is continually reviewed, implemented and revised as your business changes.  In short, your strategic plan is your personal road map for ensuring your business succeeds.

Business process improvement

No matter the size or type of  business, understanding what you do, why you do it, what it costs you - and can it be consistently repeated for training or customer experience, is where we can help.   Small or large, every business has a handful of critical business processes. Mindful that your business is built to support a process and not the other way around, we work to help you first identify and understand your critical business processes, and then work to optimize them through streamlining or re-engineering.


Marketing is one of the most misunderstood elements that distinguishes successful businesses from unsuccessful ones. We can help design a strategy that identifies critical marketing issues and sets the right path for your company and budget.  We start with understanding your customer through market research, we analyze the competition, develop a brand image, and create a strategy that reaches your target audience with measurable results.

Operations analysis

Ever ask why things are done that way? We help ask why and then compare and validate the processes that are helping or hurting your business.  Many problems are obvious and just needed validating. Others are symptoms or causes of something much larger that needs immediate attention. We can help identify and fix them before they get serious.

Leadership skills

From developing your team to communicating goals and expectations, a variety of skills from coaching and development, to systematic problem solving to deeper strategic skills, we can help you and your team develop the skills and experience to be successful.